Getting Hitched

Lisa and Scott

Lisa and Scott

So, as some of you may know, we are getting married this Thursday, May 19th. For those of you who didn’t know, consider yourselves in the loop!

But the part where the blog post comes into play is: we’re having a virtual reception, and everyone is invited!

I figure that there’ll probably be some questions on the logistics of a virtual reception, so I’ve put together a small FAQ list:

Q: How can I take part in the virtual reception?

Simply show up online; you can even use iOS and Android devices to join us by using the Adobe Connect app if you’re on the go!

The URL for the virtual reception is: That’s ‘got hitched,’ and not ‘goth itched,’ believe it or not. If you have a microphone and/or a camera you’re more than welcome to use it, and there will be a text chat area as well. We’ll have the room open for most of the day after 1pm (Eastern Time), but will actively be there roughly between 7-9pm (Eastern Time). We also have a Facebook event page for people to leave comments/RSVP.

Q: Will you have a real-life reception as well?

We will eventually have a real reception and party, but we’re not at the point to plan any of that yet. That’ll most likely be in the late summer, when we’ve finished our move down to North Carolina (oh yeah, we’re moving down to Raleigh…)

Q: Am I supposed to get gifts for a virtual reception?

As corny as it sounds, your presence is a great present. If you would like to contribute to our moving fund in either monetary or physical-assistance means, it would not be turned down. We do have a wedding registry on Amazon, but we certainly don’t want anyone to feel like they have to get us anything. We’re old, we have lots of stuff already :)

Q: If I’m a super-famous celebrity, do I have to reveal any data about myself?

No, the reception room is just a URL, and we won’t have access to the IP data, so feel free to show up. Just use a name we can recognize so we know who you are in the room.

Q: What if I can’t make it during that timeframe?

If you can’t make it at that timeframe, no worries – please feel free to go to the URL before/after the event and leave a message in the chatroom. You don’t have to stay for the full duration either, so if you can only stay for a few minutes, we’d love to have you!

Q: Why May 19th?

Because Lisa’s birthday is 1.15 and Scott’s birthday is 3.17. Some of you should be able to figure it out :)

Q: Will you keep sending announcements about this?

We don’t want to spam anyone about this, so we’ll probably only send out one more reminder either on Wednesday or Thursday. So add it to your calendars now and get the beverage of your choice chilled as needed!

Q: But what if I want to hear music? It’s not much of a party without music!

We’ve got you covered – we’ll be having a special wedding playlist blasting on CodeBassRadio.netcheck out CBR every day for a great mix of geek-powered radio content.