One of the things I used to hate the most about marketing was talking to marketers about marketing. It just seemed like these people never could see outside the box of ‘apply formula X and shrug helplessly if it doesn’t work.’ Rather than being proactive and employing sound business strategies while capitalizing on the uniqueness of the product (its ‘unique selling proposition,’ or USP in marketingese), they just wanted to sit around marketing marketing… which really meant that they had nothing of value to offer, promote, sell, or provide. And while a few people could be passionate about marketing for the sake of marketing, for most people it’s just a train to jump on when they lack the ability to develop or create something unique.

Now we’re seeing the same thing happen in the ‘social media’ space. How many fucking Twitterers Twittering about Twitter can there be? You’re an expert and guru at social media because a bunch of other self-proclaimed social media bottom-feeders follow you? Or just because you’re self-absorbed enough to go on blathering day after day hour after hour in 140 characters without giving a shit about anybody else? Social media doesn’t have to be profound, but it also doesn’t have to be incestuous. I love using social media to keep in touch with my friends; I enjoy sharing information (about myself or about tech and other topics). But it’s a two-way dialog and I’m using the tools as tools, not as the purpose for the tool.