Seven Random Things

This morning I was tagged by Steve Howard to blog 7 random things about me, and tag seven other victims as well. Now, I already have a random-facts entry on here, so I had to come up with things that I didn’t already have. So, here they are…

1. I used to manage promotions and event marketing for music labels (Wax Trax!), nightclubs, and bands; this eventually led to a job as a regional manager for a chain of retail music stores. While I got to work with some awesome talent throughout the years, I had to leave town a few days before I was supposed to manage a gig with a new band called Tool. Sniff.

2. I have the same birthday as the guitarist from Tool (Adam Jones), as well as Chad Lowe, Regina King (both of whom were on 24), Martin Luther King, Jr., Moliere, Charo, Gene Krupa, etc. etc. – and, yes, Lisa Lisa. Since I moved around a ton as a child, I learned astrology as a way to break the ice with people (focusing on compatibility).

3. I have a ‘pet’ squirrel who waits for me in the morning to come feed her. Of course she’s usually closely followed by about 12 other squirrels and several birds as well.

4. I created a character called Perth Koala over a decade ago; there is an actual stuffed Perth Koala who inspires the character.

5. I used to edit wedding/event videos on an Amiga Video Toaster system in the late 80s/early 90s. I also (during the same time period) did videography and photography for a military base and directed live cable broadcasts for the local cable channel.

6. My earliest career aspiration was to be a writer, director, comedienne, rock star, and actress. I think deep down I wanted to be a female Rod Serling* who was funny and sang. I also almost always had a camera on me growing up. (*as a kid I read a ton of books and watched mostly PBS & the local indy station, which back then used to be BBC shows and stuff like the Twilight Zone)

7. I have two teenagers, boys. One is artistic, one is autistic. Neither one is taller than me yet, so I still can’t use them to reach stuff on high shelves for me.

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