The Chauvanist

Devour the flesh
Consume the blood, the substance
Discard the soul, the emotion of it all.
For you, it is a conquest
Every meal a victory.
The satisfaction of the game,
The thrill of the chase
Is nothing
Compared to licking the corpse’s bones dry.
Only eat when you’re hungry
Only sleep when the mood strikes
Oh, you are deadly
Preying off of the innocent
Who would run if they saw you coming.
You smile at your genius
With crimson-stained teeth
Proud of your homicidal tendencies.
Yes, I eat meat too,
But never raw.

This was written sometime in Junior High; it was based off of an accusation someone made about me. I’m a very guarded and private person, so it’s not unusual for people to try to label me off of my defensive facades or off of their own issues/jealousy/insecurities… or for people to try to slap a label on anyone in an attempt to understand or trivialize them (versus taking time to get to know them to gain that understanding). Sometimes it seems that we expect our understanding of others to be instant; we classify and analyze and process based on actions or what appears on the surface, but we can’t know what someone’s motives or true self are/is if we don’t know the cause. There can be a lot behind an action, and many times our own actions trigger a cause/effect chain that creates dependencies and taints actions. Being too quick to judge or to magnify someone’s weaknesses and flaws can cause a lot of missed opportunities, even if it does distract from your own temporarily.